A non-college education for higher income possibilities. (A PhD Biologist earns less than a highly skilled aircraft engine mechanic.) essay sample


Definite costs and ambiguous consequences of higher education impact all parents differently. Some  of them consider that the kids must get a college degree for no matter what (including debts and financial troubles) while the others believe there is no use to pay a small fortune to see how college graduates remain unemployed. Indeed, tuition does not guarantee that young adults with degrees will appear more fortunate than their peers who decided to take on a job after the high school or enter some trade schools.

The debates on the importance of higher education continue, and as long as it remains hardly accessible for middle to low income parents, they search for suitable alternatives. Modern post-secondary institutions provide a good education for their students who will further become qualified  professionals in their field. Tradespeople, for example, do not need to spend another six years to ply their craft. Carpenters, electricians, and medical technicians are always in demand as they are skilled workers who came through specialized training.

Entrepreneurship is another lucrative path for those who strive to work and earn instead of learning the material which may be of no use. For entrepreneurs, it is important to have a strong ambition, the idea of what their business will look like, and enough savings to start their own small business. Some young people may like the prospect of military service which does not require a college degree as well.

It is highly important that parents take into account abilities and talent of their children before pushing them to college. A popular occupation which does not bring the sense of satisfaction or fulfillment may not bring high incomes as well.

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