A program for attracting more men nurses essay sample



A general shift of gender bias applied to occupations made people engage in professions which always seemed uncharacteristic to their sex. Male nurses are not an exception. The occupation which was considered as female for ages today invites more representatives of the opposite sex. However, this happened not due to the achievements of feminism; healthcare underwent great changes for the last decades. Today clinics and hospitals are well-equipped and their staff is highly-proficient and trained. Besides, the salary rose sufficiently, and nurses became satisfied with their job. Annually even more men and women want to achieve a college degree in nursing.

College professors do their best to advocate nursing which for a long time was considered to be a second-rate profession. The tradition which dates back to the wartime describes nurses as poor desperate women who practically had no other choice but to work at the hospitals and take care of wounded soldiers. A lot has changed since that times. Today being a nurse is not related to being kicked out of other “more valuable” fields. Neither is it linked to an inability to achieve more comprehensive education and become a doctor. Modern nurses are convinced that they do a right job with such a choice of occupation and contribute to their society immensely. And they do not consider nursing as an exceptionally female occupation.

Effective nurse recruitment is a crucial stage at popularization of nursing among men and women. Perhaps, high schools shall encourage their students to chose a future profession not according to its prestige but according to the call of heart.

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