Abuse of medication essay sample

When you are working on the issue of prescription drug abuse, the first thing you need to figure out is the list of drugs which are most commonly abused. Here are the examples: opioids that are used so that to treat pain; depressants to treat sleep disorders and anxiety; stimulants which are quite often used to treat attention deficit disorder.

A person’s biology, age, social environment and stage of development are those factors which might increase the risk of prescription drugs addiction. Here’s how to know that you are abusing drugs. To begin with, you are taking larger doses than prescribed. Besides, you may be using those drugs for other reasons. For instance, you are taking pain medication not to reduce pain but because you are feeling moody or bored. Yet, those drugs have been prescribed to deal with pain. What is more, you may calling too often to get refills which will most definitely be an alarming sign to your doctor that you are abusing medication. As soon as you spot some of those signs, it is time to solve this problem once and for all.

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