Apple-Samsung patent wars: Is a damaged reputation bad for sales? essay sample


Smartphone patent wars are not really new to the world community. Since 2009, different giants of the mobile industry sued alternative mobile platforms for the infringement. Critics admit that never ending trials confirm deterioration of the current patent system. As we can see, patent wars are inevitable as long as we operate with notions of original and derivative innovation.  And patent laws cannot handle a situation in which companies simultaneously get to the next step of innovation.

Getting back to the latest argument between Apple and Samsung, each company won their damages in court. Samsung was proven to infringe three Apple’s mobile patterns, and Apple appeared to infringe one Samsung’s pattern. It looks like both parties won or lost. In fact, Apple won, and Samsung was ordered to pay $119.6 million compensation, which is only one-tenth of what Apple wanted. Samsung lost as it was eligible only for $6.2 million compensation, which covers their damage on 90 percent. The case between the companies began in 2011 and ended with a verdict from the US Court of Appeals in 2014. During this time, neither of the companies benefited from this battle. Apple and Samsung still race for having the market opportunity.

Both companies are the world’s largest makers of smartphones. The trial took their time and money. While users expect companies to invest this money in further innovations, they may be quite disappointed with the outcome. It is not a damaged reputation which drags both companies down; an unreasonable investment in a patent war deprives the target market from the long expected innovation.

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