Are we ready to pay for exponentially rising energy costs? essay sample



Prices on energy become more unstable with every year. As consumers’ demand rises, there is a threat to drain sources of fossil fuels quite soon. The production of solar power, however, increased six-fold for the last few years. By the present moment, electricity from photovoltaic batteries is expensive because it is still very young. Nevertheless, prices on panels, batteries, and the other solar equipment are cheaper with every year as the industry is soaring. Consequently, consumers are unlikely to face the prices on the energy they are unlikely to pay.

Rising costs on fossil fuels strongly affect transportation systems. The consumption of conventional cars powered by petroleum is bigger every day as consumers cannot refuse from their vehicles. From this perspective, the rise of energy cost looks really disastrous as it affects consumers of practically all goods that need transportation. Prices on oil determine all other prices at the global markets, influence currency rates, and dictate conditions at the stock market, thus, they cannot be underestimated. But still, middle- to low-income individuals are mainly concerned about seasonal bills for lightning and heating of their households.

Despite all advancements made in the industry, many people stay vulnerable to shifting prices on energy as well as other essential goods. Nevertheless, the transition to the renewable energy is essential for the safety of humans and ecosystems on our planet. Today, most countries combine various sources to obtain as much energy as they need for a more or less fair price. Except for fossil fuels and biofuel, industries produce nuclear, hydro, solar and wind power to meet the demand of their consumers.

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