Art and morality essay sample


The link between art and morality may seem elusive, however, an ethical constituent is inherent to all products of our creative activity. Artists use movie, dance, literature, and visual arts to convey their messages which can be treated by the audience as either moral or immoral. Presumably, art is intended to promote morality and ethics in people, however, some works depicting controversial issues may be viewed as devoid of morality.

The link between art and morality was discussed yet by ancient philosophers who had different opinions about the role of the artists. Some of them treated art as a conductor to morality while the others insisted that art is a mere reflection of the outer world. As time passed, this controversy became even wider. Artists judged each other and aims they pursued. Thus, Leo Tolstoy condemned Shakespeare and Goethe for wasting their talent on a flamboyant style which, nevertheless, failed to convey a simple moral truth, according to the artist.

Contemporary art is even more controversial if we talk about the Christian morality. The boundaries of literature are broader than ever, and artists have almost a full freedom to express their opinions. They speculate on what is good and bad transforming moral standards which regulated human activity for centuries. Thus, people frequently question the morality of the popular culture. Violent movies and video games, for example, can be seen as degrading arts by reference to their consequences.

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