Art for the masses vs. art for elite culture essay sample

Perhaps, you have come across the notion of art for the masses as well as art for elite culture. The idea is that art for elite culture is somehow more refined that the art for the masses.

Well, what is of great importance to mention in this respect is that contemporary art nowadays is very diverse. What is more, it is not created for a specific group of people. Contemporary art reflects everything that is going on in our world. So, the division between the art for the masses and the art for elite culture does not quite apply here, to say nothing of the fact that art in general should not divided at all.

Apart from that, it is also important to mention that we are all different which clearly means that we like different kinds of art. What is more, one may equally like classical art as well as contemporary art and there is absolutely nothing wrong about that. The important thing is that one enjoys exploring different art forms.

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