Behavior disorders essay sample

Behavior disorders are also known as disruptive behavioral disorders. There are several types of behavioral disorders: dissociative disorders, anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, disruptive behavioral disorders and pervasive developmental disorders.

Obviously, there are lots of reasons which may cause a behavioral disorder. What is more, a lot depends on a particular type of disorder under consideration. However, it is important to highlight the fact that in most cases any type of disorder is associated with family related factors, school related factors or merely biological factors. Speaking about biological causes, one should consider the following: brain damage, physical illness, disability, hereditary factors or malnutrition.

Apart from that, a behavioral disorder may develop when the person has experienced the divorce of their parents or an inconsistent discipline style. It is also important to mention that a lot of disorders have originated because of an emotionally uncomfortable or even disturbing situation at home.  In case you have realized that you require more information regarding the subject under consideration, do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with all necessary materials by going to …