Bipolar depression essay sample


A lot of people are familiar with such notion as bipolar disorder. However, not that many people know what bipolar depression is. Here is what you need to know about it.

To begin with, bipolar depression presupposes that the person is going to experience depressive moods which are connected with bipolar disorder. Thus, these are those moments during which the person is feeling down.

Speaking about symptoms of bipolar depression, they include the following: being depressed most of the day; the feeling of emptiness; difficulty sleeping; either significant weight loss or weight gain; loss of interest in activities which one considered to be enjoyable; loss of energy; fatigue; agitation; the feeling of worthlessness; concentration problems, difficulty with decision making and suicide thoughts.

What it important in this respect is to seek help as soon as the person realizes that they are having problems or experiencing any of these difficulties. The faster the person starts to have proper treatment, the easier it will be to deal with bipolar disorder. If you are willing to find out more, feel free to visit …

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