Brainstorming is the best way to make procrastination productive essay sample



When there is a work to do, we all need to get rid of our procrastination. Perhaps, everybody is familiar with the feeling of a sudden laziness or, on the contrary, the pressure of non-important tasks when there are more urgent things on the agenda. Procrastination is either a result of distraction while working or inability to cope with comprehensive tasks. It prevents us from completing tasks on time and maintaining the high quality of work. Consequently, it is necessary to find the way either to diminish our laziness or make procrastination productive.

In most cases, it is normal that we cannot always be super active, energetic, and full of innovative ideas. Procrastination indicates that we either need to relax or approach our problem from the other side. And this is the perfect time to involve other people and find the solution together. Brainstorming appears to be very helpful when the person is almost desperate about finding the right solution. Besides, it is easy to arrange – just invite people who may suggest an alternative view such as parents or peers. We may also brainstorm online by inviting all necessary people for a chat.

Numerous problematic issues require a comprehensive approach which is impossible to take while searching for the solution alone. Asking other people share their view, we broaden our outlook and borrow effective tools to make our projects more informative and innovative. Brainstorming can be a reasonable substitution for procrastination as a collective mind is a powerful generator of ideas.

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