Buying behavior of customers essay sample


Today we do not need a particular stimulus to buy something. We can go shopping just because we feel like it, and our income usually allows to purchase some cheap goods on impulse. It is okay if we do not need them – shopping is an effective therapy that lifts our spirits. However, we also make some very conscious purchases every now and then. They concern costly items such as household appliances, digital devices, musical instruments, expensive clothing, cosmetics etc.

Before purchasing a high-value product, consumers go through a chain of processes. First goes a recognition of the problem. Let us say, our old laptop has broken, or we decided to learn to play guitar and we need the instrument of our own. Before buying it in the shop, we decide which brand we shall choose. We search for reviews and recommendations on the web or ask our friends. Sometimes we purchase things because of our previous positive experience or brand loyalty. Only after we considered all of these factors, we can go and buy the product at last.

The process of purchasing and the post-purchase experience influence further buying behavior of the customer. Facing impolite staff, long lines at the checkout, any troubles finding the product or paying for it, customers are most likely not to purchase at the place one more time. Post purchasing experience directly refers to the quality of the product and its correspondence to customer’s expectations. Negative emotions during operation or regular interaction with service centers further discourage customers from buying from the same brand again.