Can leaders really motivate employees? Essay sample


It goes without saying that the ability to motivate employees is one of the most important ones for a leader. That is why, they need to learn how to do that properly.

Obviously, one is not born being a leader. What is more, one is not born being able to motivate other people to do better and to achieve all those goals that have been set. It is a skill that one needs to learn and to develop and it takes a lot of time to be able to do that.

Yet, what should also be highlighted regarding the issue in question is that a leader who knows how to motivate their team to work smarter and better is the one who manages to achieve all those aims that are set as well as helps a company thrive and become successful on the market.

In order to learn how to motivate others, one needs to find out more about their team and each of the team members. The thing is that some employees get motivated with money while others are motivated with certain benefits or merely by showing that their contribution is important to the company. Once a leader familiarizes oneself with that information, it becomes easier to come up with a strategy to use.

Taking everything into consideration, leaders can really motivate their employees but a lot of time and effort is required so that to learn how to do that in the best way possible. In other words, a true leader needs to allocate some time so that to figure out which approach works best with their team.

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