Can South Africa be the new call center capital? essay sample

Outsourcing call centers has already become a standard of doing business for huge international companies. None of them wants to hold a call center in their English speaking country because the offshore provides cheaper workforce in excess. Thus, India has become the world leader in placing call centers from the West. Currently, the South African government tries to attract more Western call centers to their country, and, perhaps, soon Africa alongside with the Philippines will be able to compete with India. Amazon, Aegis, and Coracall are just a few international companies that already opened flourishing call centers in South Africa.

Apparently, companies that strive to outsource their services take a range of incentives from the South African government. The industry of the region has really few possibilities for development so that Western businesses flowing to South Africa are eligible for grants and tax breaks for creating  new workplaces. Over the last ten years, the industry grew immensely, and today South Africa has more than 40,000people employed in outsourced companies.

Although South Africa has attracted a great interest from Western partners and other African countries, it is unlikely that the region will outperform India in the number of call centers. Companies help the African continent to beat unemployment, and workers show their commitment to the new industry.