Chronic mental patients should be housed in “halfway houses” in the community rather than suffer further in mental hospitals essay sample

Patients with chronic mental illnesses always need an individual approach and proper healthcare. But regular intake of medical treatment is not enough for recovery. Despite patients may perceive a distorted reality, they are perfectly aware of the setting and attitudes of other people. If treated as mentally ill, individuals exacerbate their conditions and push themselves to the verge of society. A proper housing shall be considered as an important factor which enhances recovery.

Mental hospitals provide safety for potentially dangerous patients and make sure that the essential treatment is taken exactly as prescribed. The purpose of community housing is a little different. Community living is a potent means of adaptation which leads directly to the incorporation in the social environment. The so-called “halfway houses” are a good option for the former prisoners and psychiatric patients who feel uncomfortable in the hospitals.

Researchers claim that mentally ill people living in a community setting feel much more safe and socialized than in healthcare facilities. The former patients are better accepted by the social environment and less afraid to engage in the life of their community. There is a huge difference between feeling like a helpless patient while being constantly watched by the doctors and like an average healthy person who can take care of themselves. Getting help from doctors and family is essential for mentally ill individuals, but this course of events must not continue for too long. Patients can become accustomed to being served by others, consequently, they will not be able to take care of themselves. In this respect, community housing is a crucial step on the way to recovery.

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