Class activities improving students’ motivation and involvement essay sample



Keeping students interested in schooling and eager to know more is an objective for every teacher.

They all want to work with the groups where students show their natural interest and zest for knowledge. Such work brings satisfaction both to a teacher and students.

The correct choice of classroom activities will help educators to make students participate and display satisfaction with their schooling. In the first place, teachers shall consider their own attitude and affection to the subject. An enthusiastic teacher is the best example for students to follow. As they see how much their teacher is devoted to the subject and able to connect it with the real life, students adopt this view themselves.

When it is necessary to help students stay alerted, educators shall refer to the work in pairs and group activities. Listening to lectures is essential, but to much lecturing can make students sleepy and least interested in the current topic. Teachers can let students make groups accomplish tasks together with peers and supervise their actions or provide help moving from one group to another.

Using presentations is another way to boost students’ motivation. Teachers can show downloaded power point presentations or make it themselves. They can ask students to prepare visualized project at home so that the peers can enjoy it in the next class. The same refers to showing interesting videos related to the topic.

And one more strategy to enhance students’ engagement is to provide an interesting extracurricular activity most of them will look forwards to attending. It may be a movie club where students will watch films touching upon the debated or problematic social topics. Ability to discus films with their teachers and peers after review will make such an experience unique and valuable to many students.

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