Clean, green and healthy schools essay sample


In order to ensure safe and healthy conditions for students, the US Environmental Protection Agency has launched the Clean, Green, and Healthy Schools project in 2012. The aim of the initiative is to cooperate with teachers, administrators, and officials in order to make conditions in public K-12 schools less damaging for students and staff.  It is a common fact that many educational establishments cannot provide healthy learning conditions due to the lack of tools or costs for improving the environment. The healthy schools initiative has been acting all across the US cooperating with local authorities. They have already addressed a range of environmental issues specific to every region and made schools across the US a little safer.

The topic of healthy schools may seem too generalized, nevertheless, specific problems taking place in every region require definite solutions. Take Massachusetts, for example. Here the rates of asthma among children are the highest in the country. Yet in 2013, EPA monitoring groups together with local healthcare experts have examined school settings in the state and revealed a range of factors that ruined an indoor air quality. Poor ventilation, pests, excess of dust and mold caused numerous cases of asthma in students. After the renovation and fixing the ventilation system, schools reported about the decrease in asthma incidents and improved health of their students.

School environment suffers not only from the results of neglect but also from the former use of dangerous substances. In New York, for example, the use of polychlorinated biphenyls within school setting caused an increased blood-lead level in students. To address this issue, new light fixtures were installed in public schools of New York City in 2015.

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