Common responses to traumatic events essay sample

To begin with, it is significant to take into consideration the fact that the responses to traumatic events can be emotional and physical. Speaking about physical reactions, one should mention the following: heart palpitations, headaches, changes in sleep and eating patterns, increased used of alcohol and drugs.

When it comes to emotional reactions to traumatic events, it is necessary to highlight fear, anxiety, disbelief, shock, mood swings, constant flashbacks, tendency to isolate oneself from others, nightmares, feelings of detachment, panic attacks, self-blame, trust issues, suicidal thoughts and lots of other disturbing reactions.

Here are a few ideas which might help the person deal with those difficult times. One should consider doing some meditation or relaxation. Obviously, it is not the cure but it will at least help to keep the person busy and take their mind off thinking about those traumatic events. Apart from that, it will also be quite helpful to talk to someone about those terrible experiences or to write about them. It is the best way to open up about one’s emotions.