Consumer capitalism essay sample

An economic theory of consumer capitalism suggests that producers will obtain the best effect if they target not only at consumers’ needs but also at their demands. If needs were sooner or later satisfied, human wishes remain endless. Consumers will not rush to buy a product if they realize that they have no objective need in it. However, if they are persuaded that the product will solve their problems, consumers will invent a non-existing need. Thus, a consumer capitalism is a strategy of manipulation aimed to enhance purchasing of products.

Consumer capitalism has changed the culture of shopping. It started in the early twentieth century with the views of economist Edward Bernays who argued that propaganda is essential for every democratic society. He started a few incredibly successful marketing campaigns, among which was the one promoting cigarettes among women. Bernays involved psychological techniques and pushed women to express their emancipation through smoking.

Consumerism overwhelmed the world, and people felt that material goods are a universal remedy. They rushed to purchase more and more as thousands of catchy advertisements made the connection between human desires and things produced in large numbers. Marketing techniques became more cunning and subtle so that easily persuaded individuals felt how desperately they need everything being advertised.

One of the vivid advantages of consumer capitalism was a rapid economic growth. Tactics of consumer capitalism preserved till now, and today they boost the American economy creating demand for new goods being manufactured every day. Nevertheless, the democratic nature of consumer capitalism is strongly doubted. Despite people seem to make their own choices, the latter are actually dictated by brands.