Credit Cards That Try to Hook Young People Are Dangerous essay sample


Commercials promoting credit cards are omniscient. Currently, a lot of Americans and especially teenagers use credit cards. The danger of these cards can be explained by the fact that people first get involved in taking a loan and then think whether it was a smart decision. Credit cards can be very helpful to people who know how to plan their budgets, after all, emergencies can happen to anybody. But usually, thrifty people are not convenient with credits cards.

Apparently, many young Americans treat credit cards as a free money they can use for any occasion. Numerous adds assure us that credit cards are essential whenever we go, and teenagers can see how convenient they are. But these financial means shall not be used on the everyday basis. If people buy something for the money they do not have, they get involved in debt. As soon as card-holders get money, they need to cover the debt which continually rises due to the interests.  Young people usually think that they will make a small purchase which will not be difficult to pay back the next month, but then the chain of purchases grows, and teenagers push themselves into a debt which will be difficult to get rid of.

Debit cards are a sound alternative to tricky credit cards. People who pay with a debit card cannot spend more money than they have on their account. This way of spending is the safest one. Children shall not get used to the idea that they can spend the money they do not have. Credit card owners can push themselves into poverty due to the pressure of never-ending debts.

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