Defining sexual assault essay sample

You are most definitely aware of the fact that such term as sexual assault presupposes that the person has experienced unwanted touching or rape. What is important to highlight is that every country and every state has their own criminal code regarding the definition of sexual assault.

What is necessary to highlight is that sexual assault happens to both men and women. The most important thing to remember in this respect is that the case is viewed as sexual assault when the person has not given consent.

Speaking about the coverage of this issue in the media, you will not often see stories related to the subject under consideration. The thing is that a lot of people are unfortunately afraid to share their stories. The reason why that happens is because of the fact that our society still blames the victim which is completely wrong. It is always the problem of the person who assaulted the other person and victims should not be blamed. Besides, they have already gone through a tremendous amount of stress.