Dependence on technology essay sample

There is no doubt that you have also come across the problem of being too dependent on technology. To be more specific, we rely too much on GPS in our phones or our cars. We tend to have absolutely no idea what to do when the battery in our phone dies. No one is asking for directions as they have everything they need in their phones.

What is even worse, we are unable to have a proper conversation. Everyone is on their phones all the time: they are either checking email, posting a photo to instagram or reading their tweets. The problem is that it is possible these days to have access to some many things on your smart phone. As a result, people have forgotten how to live without their phones, tablets or laptops.

In case you have already done some research on the issue under consideration, you are obviously aware of the fact that there are lots of materials on the internet. In case you are looking for a resource where you can familiarize yourself with the most relevant ones, feel free to go to …