Disability assistance essay sample



People with disabilities are eligible for a range of benefits provided by the federal government. The Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income are major programs designed to assist people with disabilities. These programs are managed by the Social Security Administration and targeted at people who cannot be employed because of having a medically diagnosed disability. The administration has defined various criteria for defining individuals eligible for disability benefits.

Disabled people can be eligible for Social Security disability insurance program if they worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. The whole earning history of the individual is reviewed to define their eligibility; this requirement is not so strict for young people with disabilities who have not enough working experience.  To receive this type of social security, an individual must be unable to work in their job as well as find a new one.

Supplemental Security Income program has different requirements to its applicants. It is funded by general tax revenues and is not restricted to the sum of income earned by the disabled. It is a common social program for individuals with little income who cannot provide themselves with basic necessities.

A person applying for either program submits their medical data and information about their income to Social Security Administration. It is necessary to submit updated information to accelerate the application process. Having their request denied, disabled individuals may refer to Disability Appeal to ask for a review of their application.

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