Distress symptoms essay sample

We have learned to accept distress as a part of our normal day. However, it is dangerous to ignore signs of distress as it might turn into a serious problem later on. The first aspect to mention is that symptoms of distress can be physical, mental and behavioral.

Here is the list of physical symptoms: trembling; jaw pain; tension headaches; teeth grinding; back and neck pain; muscle tenseness and aggressive body language. Speaking about mental symptoms, one should mention nervousness; anxiety; increased frustration or anger; nightmares; depression; moodiness; concentration problems; forgetfulness; the feeling of being constantly overloaded; decision making difficulties and disorganization.

When one talks about behavioral symptoms in this respect, it is necessary to mention the following: unusual behavior; edginess; inattention to grooming; nervous habits; reduced work efficiency; irritability; suspiciousness; social withdrawal; constant excuses for everything and defensiveness. The faster you evaluate the situation and realize that something has to be done, the less terrifying the consequences are going to be. Distressed symptoms should be dealt with right away.

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