Does the boarding school system benefit children? essay sample

At some point, parents find it difficult to choose which type of school they would prefer for their children. Some of them stay firm on the belief that teens shall be always by their side until they graduate. The others are not so much concerned about seeing their child every day and are quite positive about sending kids to the boarding school. These establishments have their own appealing sides despite the controversy that arose around them. But at the same time, parents may experience certain discomfort enrolling kids in a distant school.

To main benefits of boarding schools belong their discipline, intensive curricula, enthusiastic teachers, and outstanding extracurricular activities. Boarding schools have much better discipline than day public schools because most students realize their responsibilities here. Teachers do not have to perform a dozen of different functions because there is a properly-functioning administration to deal with non-academic issues. At the boarding school, students have a tight schedule that implies that every hour of the day is spent productively. Academic opportunities are extensive; the same refers to extracurriculars. Boarding schools frequently are famous with their facilities for young athletes or artists. Besides, these establishments make adolescents more independent and prepared to live on campus.

On the other side, boarding schools are a challenge for parents. Not everyone can let their children move somewhere else for several months. Which is more important, not every parent can pay for a nice school for their children. Boarding schools are expensive, and not everybody can allow them. And last, but not least – children may be unprepared for independent life themselves. Parents shall be very attentive and ask the child’s opinion on their further study.

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