Does the Information Age mean we are losing important historical information? essay sample



The safety of information is the main advantage of the digital age. There is plenty of data in clouds, safely protected from cybercriminals and backed up. There is so many information, in fact, that we can hardly notice losing a bit of it. In terms of preservation of information, the digital age is much safer than the 20th century full of totalitarian regimes, censorship, and repression. Today we can only guess how much historical information is lost in the books that have been burned and testaments destroyed by leading political parties.


In this new informational age, we hope not only to preserve the existing historical evidence but to discover more of it with the latest advancements in archaeology. We can look into the old archives and get more information that has been a top-secret decades ago. We have enough tools to research the past that is still accessible through eyewitnesses. However, there is a great deal of speculation and propaganda in the digital age. Bringing our history to the audience, we can face censorship, persecution, and bias of the readers. Even today it is not easy to reveal politically or ethically sensitive information.

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