Donating money to charity essay sample

Charity is the voluntary intention of altruistic individuals to support those who struggle with poverty and diseases. People who donate regularly overcome their selfishness and confirm that irrespective of our income all of us make up a global community which shares the same values and pursues similar targets.  The culture of donating is not very popular, but contributors set an excellent example for those who still hesitate. In fact, there are several positive effects which show how useful donating money can be.

Moral satisfaction from giving money comes immediately as people donate. Even if they cannot be quite sure whether their money went straight to the African households, people believe that the organizations do spend received money on charity. Donating inspires not only those who contribute but their families and environment as well. It goes without saying that children who learn to share from the early age grow into highly tolerant citizens.

On the other hand, donating money has a practical advantage.  Giving to IRS-approved charity, people can cut their taxes. Several foundations receive tax-deductible donations so that it is worth to ask a tax professional about how we can donate wisely. Charity may also help to take control over one’s personal finance management. Monthly donations motivate people to be more attentive to their money and spend them smartly.

Numerous prejudices keep us from giving money to charity. Sometimes it seems that donation is the activity for the rich, or the aims pursued by charity organizations may look too global to achieve. In fact, indigent people will feel relief even with a few dollars – in South Africa this little money can provide rural people with a weekly amount of food.