E-commerce: A substitute or an addition to traditional trade schemes? essay sample



Lately, traditional commerce has been pushed aside by E-commerce. Based on digital technologies,  it gradually became an efficient and productive way of doing business. The total majority of new companies start as e-commerce organizations, which means that their opportunities are extended as compared to those old enterprises which have physical stores and an office full of staff. Nevertheless, a part of businesses does not give up on traditional practices alongside with involving something from E-commerce. They have profitable shops offline as well as an online store and a bulk of digital advertising. These businesses just combine practices, taking the best tactics from each.

E-commerce has very few drawbacks as compared to advantages. Digitally-advanced companies conduct their business round the clock. The costs are reduced both for buyers and for suppliers who have an opportunity to access all the necessary information online. Electronically open companies are not limited by the geography of their local target market which certainly influences their income. There are wider opportunities for providing customer service online. E-payment system is another thing which makes trade easier. Customers can pay immediately, and companies can avoid an extra charge. Practically, all the interaction businesses are involved in became easier due to the tools provided by E-commerce.

The onset of E-commerce, however, does not mean that traditional businesses gradually become invalid. Some of them loose their positions, however, the most competitive ones remain. It is really positive for customers who still prefer to visit physical stores and see the products for real or try them on. The middle ground is the effective combining of traditional and electronic ways of doing business.

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