Effects of Designer Babies on Society essay sample

Genetic engineering has brought parents an appealing opportunity to make their children possess only positive features and good health. Such good intentions cannot be blamed as every parent want  only the best of luck to their kids. However, the possibility of a generation with some amount of absolutely perfect humans awakes concern in advocates of ethics. Is it really more preferable to be designed by humans than by nature?

In the age when the rate of congenital diseases skyrocket, genetic engineering is reasonable as never. Parents are super anxious for the health of their kids if they are aware of the family history of some nasty diseases. In this respect, designer babies are perfectly justified. However, results of genetic engineering can exceed all expectations and make parents rush to have a child designed specifically to their standards. But does not it mean that naturally-designed children will be disrespected?

It can be difficult to imagine that society which consists of perfect individuals may be not ideal at all. Social stratification will emerge and favor individuals who have their genomes modified. Perhaps, genetic engineering will always remain costly so that stratification will again rise between the rich and the poor. People with natural genomes may have an average intellect and health. Compared to individuals who have their predisposition to illnesses strongly diminished, these ordinary people will have fewer chances to be employed.

Evidently, the effect of designer babies on society is very diverse. They can both benefit and harm others with their flawless health, appearance, intellect. But still, it is not likely that many parents-to-be will be morally and financially ready for genetically modified kids.

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