Fines for not recycling essay sample

The reason why implementing fines for not recycling is so important is that it may finally solve this whole recycling issue once and for all. The thing is that a lot of people still refuse to recycle. Some of them are simply too lazy to do that while others are not convinced that this is such a significant problem.

There is no doubt that recycling is only the first step which we need to take in order to make our planet a cleaner place. Yet, it is at least the beginning. What is more, it will help us cut off less trees, for instance as we will be recycling paper and making new paper goods we need.

Taking into account the fact that the process of simple explaining does not work, it is probably time to try some other ways of proving why it is so necessary to recycle. The idea of having fines for not recycling may be quite harsh but there is a very high chance that it will be more effective.

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