Future scope for commercial space flight essay sample

The commercial space flight industry started in the late twentieth century and sufficiently developed by this time. Though commercial space trips are yet to come, companies like XCOR Aerospace, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic actively develop their space tourism vehicles. According to Jeff Greason, a co-founder of the spaceflight company XCOR, the industry which looks more like a fiction today will become more and more popular after the first suborbital flights come smoothly.

Though nobody is flying yet, commercial spaceflight industry has already noticed a strong demand for a space travel. People are eager to feel being the part of the universe, and the first tickets are already sold out. The prices are high, and spaceflight companies raise them even higher as they feel that the market can bear it. But the number of volunteers is by no means decreasing.

Owners of the spaceflight companies have solid reasons to believe that their business will expand. As soon as spaceflight is actually happening, the prices may become a little cheaper which will increase the number of customers. Besides, companies believe that a certain part of the customers will continue to buy tickets to push the industry forward so that it could rise and become closer to the mass just like expensive computers and smartphones once did.

Anticipating the possibility of space flights, innovative companies think about the necessity to construct some space destinations. A hotel on the Moon may become quite a success, and entrepreneurs who want to start a really unique business cannot lose such profitable opportunity. In general, commercial spaceflight may push the development of the related cosmic industries which will pioneer in space tourism.

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