Gun control 🔫 essay sample

The issue of gun control has always been at the forefront. Naturally, people are divided into two large groups: those who are against it and those who are for it. Each of these groups has a lot to say.

Advocates of gun control support their point of view by mentioning a huge number of cases when guns harmed people. All that has been in the news: students who took their fathers’ guns, came to school and shot people. Sometimes they do it out of revenge. Sometimes they are simply curious. What is more, having a gun at home may lead to some quite unfortunate consequences.

People who are against gun control have a lot to say as well. They are convinced that having a gun at home is the best way to protect themselves in case something unexpected happens. Obviously, they are sure that needed help will come. However, it is not always as quick as it is supposed to be. In such a way, they make certain that they are completely safe.

This issue is still widely discussed as it is not that easy to make a reasonable decision that would satisfy the needs of all parties involved in it. In order to familiarize yourself with more facts regarding gun control, visit …