How important is critical thinking to take important decisions at the workplace? essay sample


Critical thinking is not a skill that shall be applied in a specific background. We treat ourselves critically every day and do it deliberately. Critical thinking helps us to do right decisions and successfully interact with others. But it is most important to apply a part of sound criticism while at work.

In most companies, everyone from the leader to their subordinate makes decisions. Even junior assistants are frequently required to involve either creativity or decision making in their work. It is important for employees to evaluate a product of their thinking themselves and define whether it meets the demand of the management or not. If junior employees fail to think critically about everything they produce, the manager will certainly pay attention to this drawback. It is always  important to ask ourselves “Do I put the right things in my project?”

For the higher ranks, the ability to think critically is crucial. Effective leadership is not an entirely inborn quality, and managers frequently work hard to come up with their decisions quickly. These decisions are always crucial because the well-being of many people depends on them. Critical thinking is especially important in situations that have no right and wrong. Leaders always need to evaluate advantages and drawbacks of problematic decisions to chose the least damaging one.

A certain amount of business is usually conducted in teams where each member is a critical thinker. Members of an effective team can properly analyze suggestions of their colleagues to add something or come up with an alternative decision. Critical thinkers always strive for a more effective performance to achieve their everyday goals.