How is stem cell research likely to shape human evolution? essay sample


Stem cell research appeared to be a valuable branch of science that allowed us to look a little further inside the human nature. Every now and then researchers report about the latest progress in cultivating stem cells, which gives a way to speculations about the next generations being close to superhumans due to the limitless abilities of the medicine. Nevertheless, in the present-day reality, stem cell research evokes ambiguous opinions. Religious people insist that the research is unethical and is likely to destroy principles of morality in the result. Geneticists anticipate cure for terminally ill patients who need an urgent transplantation or manipulation with their genetic material. Yet other people consider that science is developing too fast, and researchers cannot stay responsible for most of their discoveries that have a controversial impact. Despite the wide range of opinions on the topic, we still can assume that researching basic constituents of our body we can make more advantage than damage.

Practically any type of research is a step forward in human evolution. Having discovered phenomena taking place around us, scientists referred to studying the most complicated creatures on the planet – ourselves. The construction of human body is incredibly advanced and processes taking place inside it are perfectly coordinated. Speaking about stem cells, we must admit that they allow to discover the development of tissues. This knowledge has a broad practical application; growing human organs for transplantation may change the outcome for terminally ill people. And curing diseases is not the limit.

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