How should entrepreneurship be encouraged? essay sample

The first aspect to mention in this respect is that the government itself should be interested in encouraging new entrepreneurs. Thus, the government should take active part in forming entrepreneurship activity. What is more, all sectors of industry should be taken into account. Entrepreneurs need to see that government supports their initiatives.

When you start thinking about it, you realize that how many fields can actually be improved with the assistance of experienced and creative entrepreneurs. They may help develop cities, make positive changes in the field of education as well as assist new businesses at their first stages.

What should also be highlighted in this respect is that having lots of entrepreneurs presupposes having lots of great ideas as well. In addition, the chance that those ideas will be implemented in life is definitely higher. Surely, the government of the country can be trusted when they take active part in forming entrepreneurship activity. Besides, the people will see that it is quite advantageous to become an entrepreneur as there is a lot that should be done in this field.

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