How should students be graded? essay sample



Evaluation of the student’s work is a form of showing teacher’s attitude towards student’s results and the way to motivate students to work harder. If there were no evaluation, modern education would look more like a chaos. However, there are enough ways to reveal how well students processed and memorized the material.

Efficient grading is the condition necessary to improve one’s academic success. Students who take learning process difficult need to know whether they made any progress in the recent time or not. But top students also have to be aware of their grades as they are likely to relax and pay less attention to their education.  All students shall be graded regularly and notified about their success at once.

Teachers can use different scales of grading for different assignments. It is necessary to assess students in more than one way involving testing, written papers, essays, exams, project works etc.. There is no need to place testing above all other means of estimating students’ success; other methods are no less effective while defining academic progress. Thus, presentations and project works can show how well students operate with acquired knowledge and whether they are able to apply them in practice.

To make their assessment more informative, teachers have to communicate with students and comment upon their mistakes. Usually, students ask questions like “Why do I have here ‘B’ and not ‘A’”? So it is crucial for the teacher to explain what exactly was wrong and how the student can correct the mistake. Received the grade which is lower than expected, students think of teachers being prejudiced towards them. For this reason, communication between students and teachers shall take place regularly.

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