How to improve students’ reading comprehension? essay sample

So, here are a few ideas on how to improve students’ reading comprehension. To begin with, it is important to monitor comprehension. A teacher needs to know that students understand what they read. In case a teacher realizes that there is something students do not understand, it is important to address that issue and make sure that they do their best in order to help a student understand.

In case something is not clear to a student, it might actually be useful to restate the difficult passage in their own words. In such a way, they will be able to comprehend the idea as well as memorize those words which they have not understood at first. Apart from that, one should also look for information in the text with the help of which it will be easier to understand the whole thing.

Another great thing to mention in this respect is to make use of graphic and semantic organizers. Do not forget that it is of great significance to answer all those questions which students have regarding the text. Getting answers to questions is one of the most vital aspects in the studying process.

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