How to prepare for a job interview to get the position? essay sample


The necessity to make a good first impression frequently pulls anxiety, especially when we need to impress our potential employers.  The prospect of a job interview can be disturbing even for experienced workers, not even to mention college graduates who are clearly intimidated.  To reduce anxiety, applicants shall check whether they know basic questions frequently asked at job interviews.

In the first place, applicants shall research the company’s profile. It is necessary to anticipate employer’s questions but it is also crucial for understanding the specifics of the workplace and this particular position. It is not obvious to know every detail about the company in question, but employers will be satisfied to see that the applicant understands their general principles and targets.

After the company profile is explored, applicants can predict employer’s questions. Some of them will touch upon applicant’s professional skills. An applicant shall make sure that their actual abilities coincide with professional skills stated in their CV. Besides, employers always ask some general questions like “How do you resolve conflicts?” or “How do you imagine yourself in five years?” so that it will be better to make up nice answers to that. All job interviews also provide an applicant with the opportunity to ask their own questions that shall be prepared as well.

On the day of the interview, applicants normally worry about their outfit. Some of them try to look smart while the others are convinced that a respectable employer will be more interested in their professional qualities first. The prior research will help applicants to anticipate whether this company has a dress code, and if it does not it is always better to dress in a smart casual style.