How to tackle the problem of overpopulation? essay sample


What we are experiencing nowadays are the results of overpopulation. What is more, the population of the planet is most likely going to grow in the next few decades. That is the reason why it is important to do more in order to tackle this issue.

To begin with, we need better education as there are still people who do not know much about sex education which leads to having unplanned pregnancies. When people are aware of all possible ways of protection, they are able to make sure that having a baby is something which they have planned and anticipated for a long period of time. As you have already understood, the aspect of family planning is closely connected with the previous one. What is more, it might be useful to implement the idea of lowering taxes for those families that have one or two children. Even though it may sound quite brutal, it is actually one of the best motivators to get people involved in solving the overpopulation problem.

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