Impact of brand awareness on consumer/brand loyalty essay sample



It would be wrong to believe that the only aim of marketing is sales. Marketing is also about doing anything that can urge people to buy products in the long-term prospect. Brand awareness definitely is one of them. In the present-day market, we have a mess of brands selling identical products. How can we choose among 5 types of oat flakes or 10 types of strawberry yogurt on the shelf? If we do not want to rely on other people’s advice, the only thing that remains is to take the product of the brand we know.


There are several stages of brand awareness. Most often we recognize brands we have seen or heard about in the ads. Making a choice for the first time, consumers most likely take products of promoted brands associating advertising with higher sales or better experience in the market. Trying a couple of different brands, we can compare and decide which products we liked most. Positive brand experience creates the desirable consumer’s loyalty that urges us to buy the products of our favorite brand in the first place.


The bottom line is advertising does not create loyalty right away. But a positive consumer’s experience can seriously motivate people to buy products of a certain brand over and over again. Many consumers do not believe ads right away. They cannot make up their mind concerning the product unless they try it or see other people being loyal to this brand. On the large scale, brand awareness is essential to form customer’s brand loyalty.


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