Impact of money on motivation and creativity essay sample

Money has always been viewed as the most effective motivation method. Well, it might have been so a few decades but a lot has changed since that time. In other words, more and more people no longer care how well-paid their job is when they realize that they are not quite happy doing it.

What it means is that they are most likely going to look for another job. Besides, what they value is the ability to be creative, to implement their ideas as well as to have good work-life balance.

People these days want to work in a company that allows them to feel free and to express their ideas. They do not necessarily have to get lots of money as soon as they are satisfied with the philosophy of the company. As a result, a lot of people are constantly searching for something due to the fact that they simply get bored at their old positions. In addition, it is quite common these days to change jobs every 3-5 years.