Is it possible to reverse certain lifestyle disorders? essay sample

Most people realize how precious their health is once they become ill. Any illness is at least unpleasant, and some diseases can be just unbearable. However, in many cases, we cannot easily take a respective treatment and become healthy again. There is a range of chronic conditions that emerge due to preferring certain habits over the others. Damaging habits and a lack of time for a proper sleep and nutrition may follow us every day. We do not pay much attention to our lifestyle as long as our business is successful, but once we become ill, all plans and arrangements appear to be canceled. And it is always better if the disease does not become chronic – these painful lifetime processes can hardly reverse.

Talking about the prevention of obesity or diabetes, healthcare experts routinely mention sport and a sustainable diet. However much our lifestyles contributed to maintaining a brilliant health for a long time, they are not very effective when it goes about reversing the process that has already started. Take, for example, diabetes and atherosclerosis; there is no ultimate treatment for them, and they are impossible to reverse. If we can simply lose extra kilograms to combat obesity, we remain helpless before the transformations in blood vessels and sensitivity of insulin receptors. Patients are strongly recommended to follow the diet that will relieve nasty symptoms, nevertheless, no physician can offer them an effective medicine to eradicate them.

As for now, the only effective way of dealing with lifestyle diseases is their prevention. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and stopping to neglect one’s own body will help to maintain well-being for a longer time.