Landlords Should be More Willing to Rent to Young People Who Have Proven Themselves Responsible essay sample



The problem with housing is rather global. It especially concerns students and young families. Many of them cannot afford themselves to buy housing, and students particularly have to keep track of their expenses. In such circumstances, finding cheap but deserving accommodation is a challenge.

Despite there is a great demand for housing among young people, landlords unwillingly rent the cheapest apartments to youngsters. In the first place, young people cannot pay much for housing, and second, they are more likely to damage the property. Noisy parties will certainly disturb the neighbors who will inevitably complain on the landlords and their tenants. All in all, young people are frequently left behind if there are any other potential tenants.

Another problem is a poor quality of housing. While there are numerous offers on housing websites, tenants can see that the real conditions in the accommodations do not correspond high prices. And this is not only the problem of young people. Families that have no housing of their own search for accommodations from time to time as their previous landlords raise the prices on quite modest flats. Having found a cheaper one, people often discover that it either has no living room or the lifelines are in a sorry state.

Getting back to young tenants, landlord’s tactics is commonly prejudiced. Quite a lot of students have a good reputation and take their responsibilities to the full extent. They are able to take care of monthly bills themselves and keep accommodation in a proper condition. Consequently, there is a discrimination on the housing ground as landlords choose tenants due to their age and social status.

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