Life in rural areas and life in a metropolitan city essay sample



As a result of urbanization, many rural inhabitants left their quiet places and moved to the city slums in search for a better life. The young and ambitious see no bright career prospects in their hometowns, and middle-aged people who have a family can go to the nearest urban place for a work every day to improve their financial well-being. They are too uncomfortable with the idea of hasty urban environment and continue to spend a long time in the transport just to live in their own suburban house instead of a tiny apartment.

Both rural areas and metropolises have their attractions and crucial drawbacks. Small towns are beautiful with all the nice houses surrounded by neat gardens. The environment here is not as damaged as in the big city, and many rural areas still preserve their genuine nature. The rate of crime is much lower here, and people without a basic housing are extremely rare. On the other hand, metropolitan cities fascinate people with their pompous and unique architecture and unlimited perspectives. Theaters, galleries, music halls, stadiums, nightclubs provide just any possible kind of entertainment which attracts young people. Big cities have a highly developed infrastructure and all conveniences to satisfy the needs of the residents which is a great advantage too.

Small and big drawbacks of living in the rural or urban area frequently make people dislike their place. Filth and poverty of the overpopulated urban streets evoke revulsion in people who got used to the neatly trimmed hedges of the suburban private housing. And small towns can make active and energetic personalities utterly bored with the absence of decent jobs and places for entertainment.

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