Memory techniques essay sample

We all want to be able to memorize more information. What is more, quite often such skill comes in handy as you can solve a problem faster or get what you require. The most obvious things you can do so that to improve memory are as follows: exercise more; eat right; get a good night’s sleep; master a new skill; stop multitasking and play brain games.

Speaking about some specific memory techniques, you can try coming up with different associations when you are trying to memorize new information. In such a way, your memory will create the so-called link between the information and the memory of that information. Another great idea is to associate memories with emotions. This is a very effective method as human beings depend greatly on their emotions. What is more, the majority of memories a person has is connected wit some emotion which they have experienced during that time. Do not forget that repetition works great when you are trying to memorize something new. The more often you have seen or read it, the more likely you are going to remember that.

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