Methods of predicting hurricanes essay sample

Well, it is not quite possible to stop the hurricane, otherwise we would have already done that years ago. Yet, there are certain things we can do to make sure that the effects of the hurricane are not so drastic.

To begin with, we need to improve our emergency response planning process due to which it will be possible to help more people, to save more people as well as to coordinate actions between various parties. The next step is to make sure that information services are reliable and secure. In other words, information during emergencies should be shared in a fast way so that to deliver the latest updates to everyone affected by the hurricane. Apart from that, more people and services should be involved in the restoration process as it usually takes a lot of time to bring infrastructure back. Yet, people would love to come back to their homes as soon as possible. When there is nothing one can do to avoid the hurricane completely, one should at least do one’s best to minimize the consequences.

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