Monsanto Seeds essay sample

With the mass elation in the field of sustainable agriculture, farmers experience a certain rise in sales. Suppressed by corporations selling meat and vegetables at lower prices, local farmers expect that their business is on the right way. But modern customers are much more demanding today which means that people have to learn at least basics of organic agriculture. This science is about cultivating land with maximal efficiency preserving its essential properties and refusing from chemicals. Numerous companies chose this direction and help farmers on their way to organic agriculture.

Monsanto is a company engaged in delivering agricultural products to ensure sustainable farming. The motto of the company is as simple as this: produce a bigger harvest from conserving natural resources. Monsanto mainly concentrates on producing seeds of corn, cotton, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables. They also manufacture products for protection of crops and related materials targeted to reduce farming cost.

Monsanto company specializes in producing high-quality vegetable seeds. The quality and productivity of vegetables are important as they directly reflect the costs and amount of harvest. The company invests in research and development of the existing seeds. The company claims that they do not involve GMO processes to improve their seeds but breed them to achieve the optimal nutritional quality and productivity.

Companies like Monsanto assure farmers that they still can have nice yields while investing minimum money in their vegetable patches. When GM materials prevail, it is highly important to have qualitative original seeds to ensure customers that these particular vegetables are not genetically-modified.