Multi-Ethnic Individuals and their Position in Society essay sample

Multi-ethnic societies are a norm of the modern world. Many countries have more or less stable rate of migration which means that native people mostly remain within their motherland.  But the rate of migration continues to increase around the world as more people try to escape from poverty or find a perfect place to reveal their full potential.

Citizens of multi-ethnic societies frequently need some time to accustom themselves to the facts that they will not remain a single ethnicity in the country. Racial and ethnic bias usually arise as people suppose that immigrants undermine wealth and reputation of their country. Ethnic minorities usually belong to the lower social class and they are associated with instability and crime.

The flow of immigrants is usually treated as a serious problem by the government. All these people who move in and require at least basic conditions for living shall be housed and given a job in order not to become homeless. Illegal migration comes along with shadow jobs and unpaid taxes so that unfair employers could benefit from the cheap workforce.

The social position of ethnic minorities greatly depends on whether they have successfully assimilated with the majority or not. Some of them cannot transcend their poverty in the new country, however, immigrants may find these conditions satisfactory and  even better than at their home. But there is a small percentage of immigrants who gain respect, lucrative occupation and admiration of the society.