Musical censorship essay sample



Censorship is a common practice frequently applied to musical works. It happens as the artistic content contradicts moral, political, or religious views shared by social groups. Censorship can be enforced by the authorities or performed voluntarily by the musicians. Applying censorship is a controversial problem that divides the community into those who strive for the tolerance of expressions and those defending a freedom of speech.

Ethical concerns frequently push people to criticize offensive lyrics. Swearwords in the first place indicate that censorship is necessary. Rap and hip hop songs frequently contain obscene lexicon, which is used as a sarcasm or simply refers to the culture of the band’s community. Most parents do not want their children to hear those lyrics, especially when they glamorize sex, drugs, and violence. Sexual or racial discrimination make both young and mature adults disrespect bands that cross the line with their songs. Violent content in songs is reported to promote suicide in teens with the personality disorder and other deviations. Music is a potent medium for such children, and parents need to constantly make sure that kids do not expose themselves to inadmissible content.

Proponents of censorship insist that children shall be taught how to listen to controversial music and decipher its content. Parents cannot solve the problem avoiding it but they may teach kids how to face and perceive the art of subcultures. Besides, freedom of speech and self-expression is inevitably violated under censorship, which is also seen as a hurdle for democratic societies.

The problem of censorship will be solved if we once and for all draw the line between freedom of speech and abuse. Music may be a million dollar industry but it does not allow producers create tunes which call for hostility and aggression.

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