Nature and animal conservation essay sample

Ecosystems gradually change and some species become better adjusted to the environmental conditions than others – that is how natural selection works. However, the human impact on biodiversity becomes fiercer with every year. According to the data provided by WWF, natural resources including fish and animal species reduced on more than 30 percent for the last fifty years. Poaching gradually reduced animal populations and overfishing brought certain fish species on the verge of extinction. Environmental restrictions do not always affect large businesses that is why NGOs and activists do their best to save as many species as they can.

Human activity does harm to all kinds of animals; not only fragile ones become an easy target to poachers. The number of large predators is steadily declining mostly because humane destruction done to their habitat. Lions, wolves, and bears are nowhere to find in the developed world because of extensive deforestation. Current imbalance disturbs functioning of ecosystems because there are no carnivores left to control herbivores. Tigers and lions are one of the most rapidly vanishing predators. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, population of lions declined on several thousand, while the Bali, Caspian, and Javan tigers are already extinct.

these days, conservation organizations are greatly concerned with the status of rhinos. Most of them are marked as endangered, however, the poaching remains intense due to the demand for rhinos’ horns. In the Asian countries, their populations are extremely small. Measures on rhinos conservation are taken in South African where the largest population of the animals still lives.

Even polar bears and penguins face extinction. It mainly happens due to melting glaciers that are a shelter to polar animals. Scientists claim that large populations of penguins became much smaller due to scarcity of seafood.

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