Police brutality essay sample

Police brutality is the excessive use of force by a police officer. It is usually done physically. However, verbal attacks as well as psychological intimidation are also frequent. Even though a lot of countries prosecute policy brutality, it still exists. Other forms of police brutality include: intimidation, racial profiling, false arrest, surveillance and sexual abuse, political repression and police corruption.

The main reasons why police brutality is considered to be systemic are as follows:

  • Adequate training for nonviolent situations is often not provided;
  • The standards according to which police brutality is defined are very different;
  • Consequences for police officers are minimal;
  • Minorities are usually the most targeted category;
  • Police officers have a lot of weapon on them, especially street patrols.

Apart from, police officers themselves state that brutality has become very widespread these days. Taking into account recent events, police brutality should even be treated as a national crisis. People will no longer tolerate such kind of behavior. It is absolutely unacceptable. This problem has become widespread in the United States of America and cases of police brutality increase every day. If you want to find out more about police brutality in the USA as well as all over the world, feel free to go to …